Rock Star of Baby Meals

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March 2021


While the most popular “milk porridge” is associated with cow milk, goat milk is much richer in vitamins and nutrients and is closer to breast milk.

There is a series of goat-milk porridges produced by Bellakt, the leading manufacturer of baby food in Belarus. The product doesn’t contain salt or sugar, is enriched with a complex of vitamins and minerals, as well as a prebiotic for healthy digestion. Also, it has an attractive price, compared to expensive competitors: FLEUR ALPINE, Bibikasha, MAMAKO, Kabrita, Bebi Premium.

Usually these porridges are well-known to parents of babies prone to cow-milk allergy, while others don’t know much about them. The goal was to attract new audience and tempt them to try goat-milk porridges since unique properties of goat milk make the product a necessary enrichment of the daily diet for all children aged from 4 months to 3 years.

Benefits of goat milk, pure ingredients and great price - the product has everything to become a hit!
“Rock Star of Baby Meals!” - the creative idea is expressed in the slogan, which determined the musical direction of the story.
The routine ritual of making porridge and feeding the baby turns into a rock performance. The playful solo on a spoon, around which the plot is built, illustrates the father's sincere participation in the life of a little man, and this is a trend.
This tone differs from traditional tonality used in advertising for children's products. But this is good - the product is outstanding!

Film advertisement created by Brama Branding, Belarus for Bellakt, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Brama Branding, Minsk, Belarus
Production House: Green Media Production
Creative Director: Vitaly Degtyarev, Ina Nasovich
Director: Andrey Grinko
Dop: Konstantin Ryabkov
Producer: Anton Ryzhchenko, Valeria Smeyan
Production Designer: Sergey Maliarevich
Editor: Alexander Urevich
Sound: Alexander Koryakov
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