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August 2007


Film advertisement created by DDB, Canada for BC Dairy, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Vancouver, Canada
Director: Ruairi Robinson
Creative: Alan Russell
Copywriter: James Lee
Art Director: Dean Lee
Production company: Zanita Films
Director: Ruairí Robinson
Animation: Screen Scene
Visual Effects: Screen Scene
Sound Production Company: Dick and Rogers
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Yongsun Kim
Activity Score 11
Creative Director
Stefan HOUGAERTS's picture

This idea is kinda simpel, but I like the 3d work, It works good with the humour they try to put forward. My question would be, WHY BLOODY CAVEMEN?

Survival of the fittest could have brought far more nuttier ideas, but we don't always choose wath goes on the air and wont doesn't. Made me smile

RexMayers's picture

I'll tell you what is nuttier, your comment.

Great ads.

Lyon's picture

I agree, nice ads and clear idea. Crafting is very good too.

stoemp's picture

The idea aint right... it says: "There will always be someone stronger than you", drinking milk won't change that. You can drink as much milk as you want, Big ugly T rex will always have your ass.

kikibilly's picture

Dumbass, the two other guys can run away because they are fitter than the guy who only drinks feezy drinks and eats junk food.

So stay fit and drink milk laimo.

laylowmoe's picture

Actually, that's not the idea.

The idea is that drinking soda will kill you. So drink milk instead.

Somewhat dodgy, but it's the humour and execution that makes it work. 'Sides, not all advertising has to be convincing - but all advertising has to be memorable. These certainly are.

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RexMayers's picture

Your Ugly.

Artchique's picture

This one is by far my favorite. Awesome ads.

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Art Director
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Yongsun Kim
Activity Score 11
Creative Director
gienel's picture

funny everything is right on this ad

madugongmaria's picture

its nice, but how it was portrayed, its like "softdrinks can distract you" rather than "softdrinks are not healthy". but i love that the trex didnt eat him, rather stepped on him, and was later on scratching his feet on the rock to scrape off the caveman's remains. made me smile.

Activity Score 74
Other at UST CFAD
liar's picture

I do not really care whether to drink milk or not on this one. The scrapping of its feet is just killing me off.

Activity Score 384
Guest's picture

I don't like this type of ad..........

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