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April 2018


2019 Clio Juror: Sergio Gordilho

Being ingrained in alternative culture created an astonishing effect for Budweiser: artists who were taking their first steps, but later became huge music icons, embraced the brand with no request or paychecks. By searching on Google, we discovered pictures of famous artists casually drinking a Bud in their time off. These pictures are treasures that represent the brand’s legacy on music. But, although they are part of Budweiser’s history, it cannot show them. Budweiser never asked or payed for these pictures, and that’s the beauty of it. So, instead of promoting them, we decided to simply give people directions to find them by themselves, in their natural habitat: Google. All these pictures can be easily found via Google search, as long as you know the exact directions. With a smart use of search engine, we tracked all the combinations of words that can take people straight to each picture, and with this data invited people to search for specific combinations of words. We selected 10 pictures that contemplate different types of music and displayed the online ads according to the music taste and search history of each user to start this hunt with more relevance. But we wanted to take over the conversations around the country, so we worked on a cross- media strategy, including magazines, OOH, taking over music bars and clubs with beer mats carrying our tag words. The relevance of these photographs on the search engine increased by more than 7000%, reaching levels as never before, even though they portray genuine moments of some of the most iconic artists of all time. We had more than 5 million searches on specific combinations of words we created. And, most importantly, this campaign opened gates for Bud’s new positioning on music, giving people the necessary proof to sustain a very bold statement: Budweiser is “the beer behind the music”. And no other beer brand can claim the same.

Film advertisement created by Africa, Brazil for AB InBev, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

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