Autism School on Minecraft

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April 2019


According to the study by California University, Minecraft brings to a successful conclusion in education of children with autism as a subsidiary technology. Starting from this point, we carry out a special project either to create consciousness about autism and to provide the approach for the need of children’s education in 2 April World Autism Awareness Day.

First, we built our school’s building in the true architectural plan and 3D photos and transferred its interior and exterior architecture to the digital world. Then we carried our school to a special server. We created an area in our garden inside of the game. We created a special educational program for the lectures we will carry on there. By doing this, we found a sustainable project. We will prepare our students with special needs with a non-spatial educational approach.

Experiential advertisement created by Grey, Turkey for Tohum Autism Foundation, within the categories: Education, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: 4129Grey, Turkey
CEO&CCO: Alemşah Öztürk
Creative Director: Ahmet Terzioğlu
Creative Group Head: Nevzat Emir Anarat
Creative Group: Fırat Alpaydın, Anıl Eren Küçük, İpek Şurdum, İpek Şaylı, Buse Tatar, Selin Dönmez
Brand Director: Melike Aşcı
Brand Manager: Ecem Gök
Intern: Çağrı Arslan
Agency Productors: Gülşah Batıbeki, Kasım Bektaş, Can Aran
Production: Hacıyatmaz Film, Videojenik
Film Director: Seren Köroğlu, Çağın Dizdar
Educational Counsellor: Bager Akbay
Technology Counsellor: Eren Dursun
Analyst Team Leader: Yasin Oytun Yeşilova
Analyst Team: Merve Aydın, Vildan Özolur
Client: Tohum Otizm Vakfı
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Well done.

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Art Director at Havas Germany
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Solid idea for sure.

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SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!Later of mine children will def defgo! First 5 minutes in I got a iron sword and slaughtered a full classroom!!!
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