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April 2020


Belgians are living in isolation for more than a month now. That’s why the STIB/MIVB and mortierbrigade came up with an original idea to bring the people of Brussels together none the less. The idea is simple: leave a voice message or type one through Messenger with your name in it, together with the address of its receiver and send it to the STIB/MIVB. After they received all messages, a bus will drive through Brussels with external speakers that air the messages through the streets.

Experiential advertisement created by Mortierbrigade, Belgium for STIB/MIVB, within the categories: Public Interest, NGO, Transport.

Advertising Agency: Mortierbrigade, Belgium
CEO: Jens mortier
Executive Creative Director: Joost Berends
Brand Design Director: Philippe Deceuster
Strategic Director: Vincent D’Halluin
Creatives: Geoffrey Masse, Nicolas Mouquet
Copy NL: Thomas De Boeck
Producer: Amandine Clio
PR Manager: Anne-Cécile Collignon
Social: Jonas Van Bael
Design: Sophie Bayeul, Vito Latorrata
Illustration & animation: De Kwekerij, Barbara Vandekonijnen
Partnerships management: Digizik
Account Director: François Charles
Project Manager: Samantha Lomonaco
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