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May 2019
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence: The Gun Violence History Book
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence Experiential Ad - The Gun Violence History Book


Following the “Most Dangerous Street” installation, I wanted to let you know about an activation that took place in downtown Chicago yesterday for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV). During the event, the organization, in partnership with FCB Chicago, unveiled “The Gun Violence History Book”. Outlined in 19 chapters and 853 pages, is the 228 years of gun violence history in America.

The articles, facts, and data within are intended to be a tool to teach current and future voters how we can stop repeating history. Additionally, the book has formed part of a learning plan for teachers and schools in Chicago-land.

Where the bullet finally stopped, is a message for readers, “This bullet stopped. But history continues to be written. Support universal background checks at” The site helps connect people with their senator, and then sends an automated email urging for universal background checks. The nonprofit is also encouraging communities to support Fix the FOID Act [HB 96] – a new legislation with the goal of addressing loopholes in our existing gun licensing system – by encouraging lawmakers to support.

Experiential advertisement created by FCB, United States for Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA
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