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June 2021


Heineken planned to conduct a mass sampling of their alcohol-free beer Heineken 0.0 among the crowds at the F1 GP in Melbourne. But just 3 days before the event, the F1 was cancelled due to Covid. As we quickly prepared to sample the product in bars and pubs across Sydney and Melbourne. But then they too 
were suddenly closed n in a lockdown, so we needed to urgently develop a way to get the product into the 
hands of consumers, with zero contact.

Partnering with the University of Sydney, 
we programmed industrial robots to serve Heineken 0.0 from a specially designed pop-up store for four consecutive days and drove footfall with content and news media. A beer was served every minute, the event appeared in 145 news media outlets reaching 79 million people, and retail sales increased +44% over the following 6 months.

Experiential advertisement created by IPG, Australia for Heineken 0.0, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Momentum Worldwide Australia, Sydney, Australia
Installation: DisplayWise
Robotics: University Of Sydney
Pr: Red Havas
Film Production: Elastic Studios
Creative Director: Julian Schuchard
Art Director: Julian Schuchard
Managing Partner: Imelda Hodson
Account Manager: Deanne Constantinou
Producer: Kieran Deane
Designer: Iv Siauwidjaja
Designer: Ben Findlay
Brand Manager: Sam Pulsford
Assistant Brand Manager: Kate Sorensen
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