Rellana Woolly Heads

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December 2009
Rellana:  Rellana Woolly Heads
Rellana Direct Ad -  Rellana Woolly Heads


Direct advertisement created by Ogilvy, Germany for Rellana, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany
Creative Directors: Helmut Meyer, Gregor Seitz
Copywriter: Lukas Liske
Art Director: Daniel Schweinzer
Photographer: Jo Bacherl
Art Buyer: Christina Hufgard
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morse's picture

It's funny, but I don't understand what the product is.

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Art Director |

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alexander_bickov's picture

Funny product design

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CopyRight's picture

looks lovely, but who are these guys ?

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bknowlden's picture

Worthy of their spot in the CA Design Annual.

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bubblestheclownfish's picture

Yup. Saw their entry bknowlden.

Why is this good? Because it's different. Granted, none of us are knitters (I'm guessing), but in a sea of boring product on-shelf, this one HAS to stand out. It's quirky, fun, eye-catching and definitely memorable. Nothing wrong with giving your product personality ;-)

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Creative Director
mycidea's picture

cute, really impressive.

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haha. cant help but smile at this one. i wonder how i would look if my face was on it! :D

pitted prunes
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Reality Check's picture

The only package design that works here is the brown-haired one in the foreground. And that's because the man has hirsute features that seamlessly blends into the woolly product.

Taken in isolation, the other, clean-shaven, versions just don't work.

Reality Check
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well said

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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so lame

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