Sculpt your Lego

February 2021
Lego: Sculpt your Lego
Lego Direct Ad - Sculpt your Lego


Lego is not only a brick but a unique design patented in 1961. The company releases a press-form that allows every child to sculpt their own Lego parts using clay soil as the most accessible source. The building material would be poured into the form and pressurized by the top lid. After solidifying, the soil turns into standard-formed Lego bricks.

Direct advertisement created by MADS, Russia for Lego, within the categories: Public Interest, NGO, Toys.

Advertising School: MADS, Moscow, Russian Federation
Creative Strategist: Nataliia Dotsenko
Copywriter: Nikita Lupulenko
Copywriter: Daniil Tkachenko
Art Director: Mariia Borovskaya
Tutor: Nataliia Benivska
Tutor: Andrey Potekhin
Executive Tutor: Arina Avdeeva
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