Burning Kings

February 2021
Burger King: Burning Kings
Burger King Direct Ad - Burning Kings


According to research by Limelight Networks, gamers spend more than 6 hours a week playing online only in the United States and all of this time is making gaming devices become hot, really hot!

It doesn't matter how efficient cooling system a laptop, PS5 or Xbox uses, because all of them start to overheat over time.

So, as the 100% flame-grilled burgers restaurant, we decided to transform gaming overheating into the hottest delivery promo by creating a limited series of stickers with a thermal sensor which measures the Fahrenheit degree that gaming devices reach.

Once it reaches a high temperature, the sticker will change its color and it’ll send you mobile notifications via Bluetooth, a lot of them!

The more you play, the more you enjoy, the more you eat!

Direct advertisement created by The Pub School, Ecuador for Burger King, within the category: Food.

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