Tragedy in comments

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April 2020


Problem: Due to quarantine, all theaters in Russia were forced to close and cancel all their plays and premieres. Actors and spectators ended up locked at home. Solution: Instead of canceling the play, the “Masterskaya” theater decided to play it, no matter what. For this purpose, we created a special account in Instagram, and published the poster for the canceled premiere there. And then the actors and characters of the play started a conversation right in the comments under the poster. They all posted the lines of their characters in turns. And as a result, we played the entire Shakespeare’s play, so that everyone could read it by simply scrolling the comments on Instagram.

Digital advertisement created by Jekyll&Hyde, Russia for Theater Masterskaya, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Jekyll&Hyde, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Creative Director: Mikhail Rakov

Art-Director: Maria Ustinova

Copywriter: Mikhail Rakov

Account Manager: Yana Negrya
Manager: Elena Palamarchuk 

Motion Design: Dmitry Miusov

Sound Design: Anton Wayer

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