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March 2020


Ministry of Energy under the HANN2 campaign ( Reduction at half ) wants to encourage Young People to switch to use LED lightbulb and No.5 Electric Label appeared in all appliances, the core idea of the campaign is showing how to demonstrate people to use energy in a very effective way by hiring the high energetic influencer like KENG, (songwriter, producer, singer, influencer) to produce the campaign by writing the song, inviting his duet singer, producing all process even presenting in his own music video campaign under the message if only i knew (change for better), the campaign is not only led the message but boosted the new Power Saving Electric Appliances at all categories in modern trade channel, The song is still an artist popular track until now.

Digital advertisement created by Workkit, Thailand for The Ministry of Energy Thailand, within the categories: Industrial, Agriculture, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: WORKKIT, Bangkok, Thailand
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