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November 2019
Fond Donorov: A Letter from the Future
Fond Donorov Digital Ad - A Letter from the Future


The challenge. To date, the Russian register of bone marrow donors numbers a little over 100,000 people. Even if your genetic twin lives somewhere close by, you'll have to search for them all over the world, losing time and money. The goal. To call upon the citizens of St. Petersburg to enter the register of bone marrow donors. The solution. VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia. We've produced a series of eight commercials and started a promotion called A Letter from the Future. For three months, residents of St. Petersburg have come across our letters in their newsfeeds. In each video, strangers “from the future” personally thanked users for saving their lives. The result. During the A Letter from the Future campaign, about 5,000 people visited Fond of Donor's website. Over 500 St. Petersburg residents joined the register of bone marrow donors. This means, lives of more than five hundred people can be saved in the future.

Digital advertisement created by Vozduh, Russia for Fond Donorov, within the categories: Health, Public Interest, NGO.

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