Cecilia.ai the Robotic Bartender serving vaccine-cocktails

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April 2021


Only on April 1st, Cecilia.ai the Robotic Bartender will be serving an innovative vaccine-cocktail. The new robotic bartender Cecilia.ai will replace regular alcoholic drinks with vaccine-infused cocktails, serving adults 21 and over, to help speed up the global efforts. Cheers to life!

Cecilia.ai mixes the most popular vaccines- tested, tasted, and approved by the “FDA (Funky Drinks Association)”: Pfizerol Spritz, Modertini, Johnson & Tonic, and even the Sputñikolada.
The robot is capable of “vaccinating” 120 people per hour, working 24/7, and using contactless technology to reduce the risks of getting infected.

Digital advertisement created by The Hive Studio, Israel for Cecilia.ai, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

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