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November 2019
Burger King: Kosher Bacon
Burger King Digital Ad - Kosher Bacon


Creating a launch campaign for Burger King's new 'kosher bacon' product range made from turkey. The challenge was to create a huge buzz on a modest budget which would encourage customers in Israel to try Burger King's new product range. Harder still – how could the campaign turn the limitations of kosher requirements, 'kosher bacon' into an advantage? The limitations of kosher bacon had to be transformed into an advantage. The strategy was to lean-in, play on the concept of kosher bacon with pride and humor, and find a presenter who would combine the components required to maximize the effect of the launch through a movie commercial, Instagram stories, Facebook and digital billboards across Israel. That perfect presenter was Melech Zilbershlag, an internet celebrity, comedian and content creator from a Haredi community with appeal to religious and secular audiences alike. Melech, a name which translates to 'King' in English fits perfectly with the Burger King brand. His youthfulness, humor and religious background were able to reassure customers that the turkey-based product range was indeed kosher, and appeal to the brand's core audiences. Melech's internet fame also afforded significant organic exposure through his digital and online platforms. The commercial went all the way into the 4th place on youtube Israel rank for November.

Digital advertisement created by Debby Group, Israel for Burger King, within the category: Food.


The man walks into a Burger King, orders a Bacon King burger and gives his name as Melech, Hebrew for “king,” showing an identity card that gives his name as Melech Zilbershlag. “Great,” says the server. “Can you put the tomato on the side? So it doesn’t touch the burger?” Melech asks. He adds the Hebrew words, “shomer negiah,” meaning, “observant of touch,” a phrase that refers to those who do not touch members of the opposite sex who aren’t their spouse or immediate family, even for such casual contact as handshaking. The server is flummoxed for a moment, but then smiles, saying, “Melech.” But as Melech sits down to enjoy his Bacon King, he recites a parody of a blessing on food: “Blessed be the fruit of the bacon” and hears a booming voice from above calling his name. He looks up, saying, “Tateh?”, Yiddish for daddy. “It’s not what you think!” he says, looking guilty. But it turns out to be the server, telling him he has forgotten his fries. At the end, an announcer’s voice touts the new line of bacon burgers as “100% Kosher.” The chain offers Bacon King, Double Bacon King and Shnitzel Bacon King burgers. Satisfied, Melech looks up and cites in Hebrew meaning, “How great are your works,” and adds, “Tateh,” looking up at his heavenly father.

Advertising Agency: Debby&Ron Digital, tel aviv, Israel
Vp: Golan Bar Shalom
Creative Director: Shahar Fernheimer
Art Director: Noam Vinakur
Head Of Account Management: Chen Malka
Senior Account Management: Sapir Siklay
Production: YY Productions
Presentor: Melech Zilbarshlag
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