The Gruntminator

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December 2018


During the year everyone has a list of things they grew sick and tired of. So before starting the new year we wanted to help you get rid of them.
Even if just for a laugh. That’s why we created The Gruntminator - the machine in form of the huge pig that destroys anything negative that you would not want take with you to the new 2019!

We launched a page on our website with an editor, in which you could upload a photo of the annoying object. And then receive your own custom video with Gruntminator destroying your object in the only way he knows. After that, the video could be shared with friends on social networks.

Digital advertisement created by Artcom, Russia for Artcom, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: ARTCOM WP, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Alexander Ovsyankin
Art Director: Mikhail Chebanu
Producer: Marina Kolomiytseva
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