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October 2020


While Colombia sought to reactivate its economy to avoid a much more visible enemy such as an economic collapse, Colombian workers, far from positions that allowed remote work, were forced again to leave the safety of their home to the uncertainty of the city.​

The problem was while COVID-19 cases kept going up, so did personal protective equipment prices, with items such as face shields rising to average market prices around 20USD. The higher these prices went; the fewer families were able to afford them in a country with a 1.50 USD average household daily income. ​

We found out most face shields in the market were made of plastic, just like our PET bottles. So in order to provide an accessible and immediate solution, we redesigned our average family-size bottles into a four-step design to upcycle our 9M bottles, already in the market, into low-cost face shields worth around 0.5 USD.

We launch the Bottled Masks design in the natural platform for DYI tutorials; YouTube, implementing the video at our brand's channels and with the support of several recognized sustainability influencer channels with 34K followers each, who showed the step-by-step process or invited to download the printable guideline sheet from a supporting lading page. A sustained effort in parallel to social media posts, stories, printed posters and placements in local newspapers.

Design advertisement created by BBDO, Colombia for Postobón, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: SanchoBBDO, Bogota, Colombia
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