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Are you freake enough to murder me

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Makati City
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Are you freake enough to murder me

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The worst branding technique ever. Way too gross! These things need to be handled with perfect poise between being subtle and being rugged. Here there is no equillibrium what-so-ever. But nevertheless, these are a bunch of dumb-client driven creatives. It definitely gets the attention, infact too much, but it gives a very very negative brand image. I can never relate this to be an ad for some clothing line. There is the disconnect!

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Chennai |

It comes just like that!


'Snuff' - what a rubbish name for a snowboard brand.

Why do they always take themselves so seriously? A bunch of middle class people who go on glorified skiing holidays, and think its 'extreme' and call it things like 'snuff'. Doesn't wash.

This brand, this ambient and the entire proposition stinks. Pretentious bullshit. Why do they need to make it more 'dangerous' than it really is?

Sounds like a group of small-penised geeks who are too scared to snowboard themselves but rich enough to wear all the gear and pretend they do, launched this line.

Also, why does it need war and peace to describe the concept? surely alarm bells should start ringing then?

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We're going to need more lube.

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loool best rant of the year

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This is rubbish. In what way do the following things tie together;

1) The no. of injury/deaths caused by lifts in the U.S (in an ad in Oslo)
2) Cleavers (with blood)
3) Snowboarding (style only)
4) Snuff (one word that geeks think is really cool)

Worst branding ever.

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Doin' it for the points

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Great idea! The image will stick to your mind and wake your curiosity!

For a small "niche brand" I think it's a cool way of sending out a message and stir our awareness.

I've checked out their website; www.snuffclothing.com, and they got some serious good lookin' stuff :)

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Live life to the ZERO!

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