Pet trainers

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March 2008
Yellow Pages:  Pet trainers


Print advertisement created by Grey, United Arab Emirates for Yellow Pages, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Grey Worldwide, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Danny Higgins
Creative Director: Alisdair Miller
Art Director / Copywriter: Jay Furby
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Bundy Agency's picture

I think somewhere along the line the creatives got muddled and forgot what they were originally thinking

The green grocers makes sense, the red roses make sense, the white wedding makes sense.
but what is a brown pet trainer ( i get the poo bit)

Bundy Agency
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Art Director
Duckman's picture


Activity Score 520
Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi |

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

Takmelius's picture

The green grocers and the red roses might make sense, but what does it tell you?
That you can find green grocers and red roses in the yellow pages (and white weddings?!?)?
Duh! There's a good reason why these don't have the client's logo on them.

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Creative Director
jiahsisco's picture

reaching very far...but for what?

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Media Drink |

Jiah Sisco

Takmelius's picture

What a waste of space!

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Creative Director
tom tong baboon's picture

Fake Ads Of The World ... unite!

tom tong baboon
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Ho Chi Minh
Rog's picture

Oh, what the fuck. I like it!!!

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Copywriter |

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

I-know-all's picture

What? Jay Furby has joined Dubai? great!!

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Bobby Defect's picture

This one is kind of Filling in the Package of ADs

Bobby Defect
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Kraft Foods Ukraine
poojagadodia's picture

can somebody explain me this ad......:-S m so confused..

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Zeus's picture

why dont you put toilet on this...???

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talay's picture

this campaign doesnt make any sense to me... maybe I am too dumb to get it, but I know I am not alone, as a conclusion: this campaign is garbage

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mgemini creative works / istanbul
skeMaMen's picture

Let me get straight, if you put word Pages on Yellow background, we know that's yellow pages, but if we put "pet trainers" on brown background - that's the same like that we put an aligator on ice cream - oh my god, of course... it's bus station!

Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

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Graphic & Prepress designer |

>>> Designed to be signed...

TrainRunner's picture

I'm closing my browser now.

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Art Director
creativewannabe's picture

How many of you think these ads are real?

And how many of you think they are scams?

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Guest's picture

eight finalists at cannes

Guest's picture

one show pencil and clio finalist for red,green,white and black.

ooops people on this site get it wrong.

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