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September 2007
 X-ray Female
 X-ray Female



"Reconstructed" is the new Fall/Winter 07 print campaign for Levi's Copper Jeans. Much the same way Copper Jeans' seams and pockets are held in place with metal rivets, broken bones can be reconstructedwith metal pins and plates. The vintage x-ray treatment is a nod to Levi's 154 year heritage, as well helping to showcase Copper's product features in an interesting, new light.

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia-Pacific, Singapore

Creative Director: Todd Waldron

Art Director: Hoon Pin Kek

Copywriter: Douglas Hamilton

Editor: Dave Phung

Photographer: Simon Harsent

Additional credits: Rebecca So, Xenia Tan,
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ahmed ragheb's picture

childish one

ahmed ragheb
Activity Score 297
Graphic Designer
Vanessa's picture

Beautiful image, but the concept seems a little bit forced. I could see it working if Levi was using the same type of metal used to hold bones together in their jeans.

Guest star's picture


Guest star
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

Not working for me, either.
More stretch marks than on a woman's.... ahh, never mind.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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jonazz's picture

good effort for a jeans ad...

pneuburg's picture

The campaign takes too much explaining.

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Creative Director |


raverus's picture

whatever, doesn't make me buy a jean

Activity Score 1476
Art Director
Amit Ratan's picture

nice concept

Amit Ratan
Javor's picture

cool... would be really nice if you backlight it

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