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November 2009
Times Ascent:  Guy
Times Ascent Print Ad -  Guy

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Advertising Agency: JWT, Delhi, India

Print advertisement created by JWT, India for Times Ascent, within the category: Media.

Executive Creative Director: Swati Bhattacharya
Creative Directors: Chirag Bhasin
Art Director / Photographer: Sandeep Salariya
Copywriter: Chirag Bhasin
Post Production: Atul Kumar, Punish Bagga, Sandeep Salariya
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komunique8's picture

If that was the official dress code of the company that he is working currently makes a sense..or it says get out of peter England

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Art Director at Kamunique8 |

Adaddicted's picture

... but I liked the name of the Art Director. ; )

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Art Director |


Guest's picture

I think the shirt is really nice!

Just Copy's picture

Needs a copy.

Just Copy
Activity Score 56
Copywriter at Puromate advertising
ilovegreatads's picture

yes it needs a line - assuming u know what u want to say. the shirt lines don't say much i'm afraid.

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Creative Director
J Designer's picture

yeah i dont mind the image, but i dont understand the ad.

J Designer
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Graphic Designer at Click Clack
Guest's picture

Yeh defiantly needs some copy!

Favete's picture

The stopping power is good, but where's the idea?

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Consorcio Publicitario - Dir. Creativo |

Change it, change it now coz they will tomorrow.

art.vs.commerce's picture

are their shirts like a prison uniform?

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Art Director
Guest's picture

I think the idea is that sometimes you are not comfortable with your work, in this case because of the way they make you dress, you feel "trapped".
I like it! Don't think it needs a copy, but if most of the people do feel that way, then maybe it does.

hagemony's picture

agreed...i think this ad asking you: does your job made you feel like behind bars..or something like. but still need copy.

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shahid.h's picture

i feel copy is missing in the ad

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Copywriter at OgilvyOne Worldwide,Sr. Copy
Guest's picture

Post production ?!

Guest's picture

grow up guys.. its a bad ad

Super Muhtar's picture

Idea is good, but not clear. it needs a copy.

Super Muhtar
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Guest's picture

actully u caught in fruad case and jailed

firebug's picture

nice visual but need a copy

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rolling.stone's picture

Good Idea (although have seen pretty similar idea/execution but for different segment, i recall perhaps it was Ariel )

they are trying to say that when your existing job make you feel like behind the bars, switch to Times Ascent Job Switch.

I guess its direct message

logo itself is sufficient don't see need of copy

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Copywriter at Delhi , India |


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

Guest's picture

Copywriter: Chirag Bhasin
I bet thats the easiest money he ever earned.

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