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July 2020
The Buntin Group / Humankind: Humankind Creative Brief
The Buntin Group Print Ad - Humankind Creative Brief


When Nashville’s leading independent brand communications agency was awarded a promotional opportunity through the American Advertising Federation, they arrived at a concept and execution that was powerfully appropriate for these uncertain times, albeit unorthodox. Instead of creating an ad – the full-service firm took the opportunity to create an industry-wide brief on something far larger: the human experience. The worldwide creative brief, penned for the “client” Humankind, defines the core problem as a “catastrophic global pandemic, which has caused irreparable loss of life, crippling economic impact and has since been amplified by the universal outrage of social injustices, unthinkable murder and call for reform.” Going on to discuss consumer insights and mindset, the brief reveals that while Humankind is the obvious choice, “overall fatigue has created a sense of relaxed loyalties to the brand.” “We believe creativity can solve any problem, and now our most important brand is facing a historic challenge,” said Dave Damman, Chief Creative Officer at The Buntin Group. “But, like most effective, brilliant creative solutions,” he continued, “they all begin with a great brief, and this is the brief for humankind. Let’s get cracking.” The brief will be featured in the American Advertising Awards “Winner’s Book” as well on the Federation’s social platforms to celebrate the recent results of the country’s largest creative competition. For those who are up for addressing the challenges of Q1/Q2 2020, ideas are welcome. Budget? TBD – they have a call in to the client. Timing? EOD.

Print advertisement created by The Buntin Group, United States for The Buntin Group, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Public Interest, NGO.

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