Don't tweet and drive

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February 2017
STC: Don't tweet and drive


Obsessive use of your phone is as dangerous an addiction as heroin. It can ruin your life and the lives of other people on the road.

Print advertisement created by Y&R, Saudi Arabia for STC, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Executive Creative Director: El Zoghlami Ahmad
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: El Sudairy Hussa
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: El Rifai Ali
Art Director: Agha Omar
Photographer: El Malki Faisal
Business Director: Katanani Omar
Account Director: Kafarneh Abed
Account Manager: Diaa Marwan
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But if you want people who drive to read this thoughtful warning, shouldn't you make the text size BIGGER AND ANGRIER SO THEY PAY ATTENTION, no? If you put so little context and too-large photo around it, there is no way a driver can read it especially when they're driving cause they're playing with their phone. It will only be read by people who sit down on the side of the road, or people who slowly stroll on noon jog - which are not currently driving and probably won't remember this warning as soon as they are behind the wheel. If I was driving when I see this on billboard or digital billboard, it only make me wander and doze off to remind my self 'damn that's a nice sea fam, i gotta need myself a holiday, swimming in the ocean, sipping cold coffee in the dessert' -- yeah?

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