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Lubed. ;)

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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guinness...now in a tin can!

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Does it mean smooth like a tin?

-Where is the impossible?


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Isn't it the guy from "wizard of Oz" who's looking for a heart?
Does it mean "so smooth that you get a heart"?


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matat's picture

so smooth a tin man doesnt need his joints oiled to lift the pint? what the hell is going on in this ad????

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A. J. SMITH's picture

I normally really like Guinness ads but am not digging this.

I think it would benefit from the line; GUINNESS - Surprisingly shit.

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people on this site are able just to say bad things about ads.
no one says it's clever, nice or just good.
i'd like to see your portfolios, you are probably students or CRM writers, frustrated from their works.
that ad is cool, clever and smooth!
that's just my opinion...
ciao a tutti

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in advertising SCRIPTA VOLANT

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hey ragazzo. Actually when You look on very good works You cannot see any critics under them. It happens sometimes here. Ciao!

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A. J. SMITH's picture

If I like an ad, I'll say so, if I don't I'll say so, and if I don't get it, I'll say so.

Chill out.

It's only an ad.

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If you work as a creative, you have to get used to criticism, sweetie.

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So im apparantly talentless and frustrated, so please explain what is clever about this ad, what am i missing unaquestionediali ??????

p.s people do say clever ads are clever, look at the calsberg UK poster ads...x

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personally i like it, it's simply saying the tin man would rather enjoy a suprisingly smooth beer insted of oiling up all the time, and personally when i come home after work and i feel like all my joints are rusted up a beer always helps me relax

Ad Junkie At Large
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Exactly. The message is simple. Guinness over oil. This ad works well.

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PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture

could also be misconstrued to mean that guinness tastes like oil.

PaulyG_fill in ...
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True true

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Vicky's picture

Well, looks like the tin man finally found his heart...in the bootom of a beer glass.

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Two thoughts.... 1) I agree with PaullyG_fill that this makes Guinness seem like oil and
2) Unless I'm the only Futurama fan using this site, there must be other people laughing at a robot drinking beer!


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hahaha! Yes, that's prolly the best explanation!
Bender ruuuuules!

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Crap! Come on Guinness !!!

STOP DRINKING AND START THINKING!! .. hold on I like that.

That could be a campaign "Stop Thinking and Start Drinking .... GUINNESS" (COPYRIGHT DAVID BYRNE!!)

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Creative Director at Afterbyrne |

David Byrne

raverus's picture

crap ad, sorry.

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Humpty's picture

Nope. It's good ad. Tin man is rusty. Guinness is smooth. Simple and nicely executed. Bronze Lion winner as well.

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Rog's picture

Lubed. ;)

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Ant's picture

so smooth he can lift his hand to drink it

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not a good idea

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Not too keen on this.
As for the lighting/textures on the render....I reckon everyone's just moving on because the idea isn't too hot.

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introducing guinness grease!

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I think Im good tats why Im here's picture

SMOOTH - it's what we call borrowed interest - oil is smooth, guiness is smooth. It's a piece for the awards - dramatise the thought remember, students?

I think Im good...
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A. J. SMITH's picture

True, but I wouldn't want to think of drinking oil when drinking guinness.


It's only an ad.

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Even if the 3D rendering looks a bit video gamey, I dig this Ad. Composition, colours, the chilled expression of the tin man is A1, something almost timeless about it. Would have been nice if the man was a 'real' metal sculpture...sure they can afford it.
Now I wanna skull back a nice big Guinness, even if it does taste like sump oil.

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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amazing. he´s trying to feel...

Guest commenter
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nice ad, only problem is it might suggest guiness tastes like oil

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this sucks!

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I dont quite get this!

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Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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don't like it it.
its like they compaire Guiness with Oil.
its even black :p

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St. Lucas Institute Ghent
IntrepidNavigator's picture

Since when did Guinness' 'Choose Greatness' brand proposition become 'suprisingly smooth' (and literally smooth no less) at that? It's a weak scam that does nothing for the brand.
Oh, Kuala Lumpur. OK, that explains it.

This ad with it's literal proposition for Guinness probably would have worked the awards in the 60's. When 'branding' wasnt so sophisticated yet, and 'smoothness' was a big literal part of the brand proposition. But Guiness advertising (and branding) has moved away from this literal interpretation (well, at least in the western hemisphere). This doesn't sync (hence a bad ad). The "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" was a superb brand direction, that was a relevant to both product and consumers, with superb creative expressions of the strategy.

This ad keeps the global 'Choose Greatness' tagline, but there's nothing about the tagline in the ad.

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