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May 2008
Ramrod:  Buffalo


Print advertisement created by FCB, South Africa for Ramrod, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Ultraoptec Riflescopes.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Rob Mclennan
Creative Director: Grant Jacobson
Art Directors: Errol Lepono, Ryan Dupen
Copywriter: Jason Murison
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It's old same idea, nothing new and they could present the point of product much much better...

>>> Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

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Graphic & Prepress designer |

>>> Designed to be signed...

AD1014's picture

very old idea. blow away animals more effectively. great.

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Graphic Designer at nyc
andré ™'s picture

What's with S.Africa and animals... Just kidding.

andré ™
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Creative Director at Art Director |

and... andre navas | design

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Me parece de mal gusto promover matanzas

Guest commenter
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This doesn't deserve a comment...so I shall comment on the new chocolate skittles pinata man spot BRILLIANT!

Ad Junkie At Large
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Art Director
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I'm just like everyone else!!!

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Though I am against hunting, this ad is simple and straightforward. It gets the point across easily. No copy required.

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Topolewski |


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The same team will make "Save animal" campaign to win metals.

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Art Director at New Delhi
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C'mon people, think harder, don't just make stuff bigger/smaller/longer/shorter etc

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my team mate and i actually just presented this idea for another brand the other day, hoping it might work but got totally shot down by our ECD.

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Art Director at BBDO
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Whitefang, u dont have to swim across a river when u have the benefit of a bridge! why "harder"?

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Graphic Designer
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Agreed Wily. Dont think harder if this solution is quick and delivers a benefit.

You want to swim across a river with a bridge just because it appears as more hard working. Its not. Its stupid.

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Art Director
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rifles are used to hunt game. riflescopes make it easier to hunt. they dont make a room smell better, or make your face look younger. and those who're concerned with animal hunting should talk to manufactures of these products to get banned instead of "shooting" down the ad. its a simple ad and it works. we all know simple ads always work best but people still complain when they see a simple ad. i like these ads.

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