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September 2012
Praha Sportovni:  Judo


Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Czechia for Praha Sportovni, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Sport saves lives.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Directors: Will Rust, Tomas Belko
Art Director: Denis Dudek
Copywriter: Jakub Krcik
Director: Wolfberg
DoP: Martin Matiasek
Photographer: Alexander Dobrovodsky
Editor: Filip Malasek
Sound Design: Karel Havlicek
Music: Michal Stastny
Colourist: Geoffrey Case
Producers: Petr Moravec, Klara Kralickova
Production House: Savage
Post: Avion Postproduction
Account Handlers: Marek Tesar, Petra Reischigova, Jan Dvorak
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stickynotes's picture

not clear enough. I first thought he's giving first aid to someone..

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Black Hour's picture

He isn't?

Black Hour
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Aitor Borras's picture

What you learn in judo is usefull for you in your real life. Simple and clever.

Aitor Borras
Activity Score 245
Creative Director at ROAD Publicidad |

Creative Director. www.aitorborras.com

mr.x's picture

I think they're trying to say that you should do sports because sports keeps you from doing criminal activities, and therefore saves your life/future. Very unclear though.

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Forsbergs Skola
Aitor Borras's picture

Right. I realise that later. ;)

Aitor Borras
Activity Score 245
Creative Director at ROAD Publicidad |

Creative Director. www.aitorborras.com

GrumpyArtDirector's picture

Seriously, what the fuck is going on here? If you learn judo you can roll around in the floor of your locker room with your mates afterwards?

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Art Director
bate_palmas's picture

I'm with grumpy art director. These are crazy bad, difficult to figure out. I cant see anyone staring at this for fifteen minutes and then saying "fuck a duck! I need to get into sports"

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Barbara O.'s picture

This has different meanings. Looks to me like 'in sports you learn a lot of useful tricks eg. the heimlich maneuver; and this can come in handy even when medical personnel are at a loss or far away'

Barbara O.
Activity Score 211
Barbara & 1923 |

Barbara O.

hasalaka.th's picture

Not liking.

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CommandZ's picture

Takes way too long to figure out, if at all. Needs to be way more clear for the target.

Activity Score 2517
Creative Director
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