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October 2008
Photolibrary:  Unicorn


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Singapore for Photolibrary, within the category: Professional Services.


Meticulously indexed images.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Singapore
Creative Director: Ng Pei Pei
Art Director: Ngai Arh Chun
Copywriter: Keith Kwek
Illustrator / Photographer: Photolibrary
Executive Creative Director: Graham Kelly
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Yes I get it.... did it make me smile.. not really

Ad_Man's picture

i kinda like it, but this is not exactly what i expect to get when looking for unicorns.

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Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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i liked d ad & concept
they mean if you request they will get it for you from anywhere

Misstree's picture

This is exactly what gets my goat when i'm searching for images...random ones that i don't need, popping up!! so although i found it fun to look for the unicorn/superman/parrot, i feel this series makes me not want to use photolibrary!!

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Not all who wander are lost.

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Exactly my point: I hate all those messy pics coming up, when I'm looking for a clean and clear unicorn.

ssguixi's picture

i second that

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Art Director at Y&R
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i like the way they impart the message but agree with the point that i would not like these messy pics if i am in need of clear pics

palls's picture

i like the way they imparted the message

but yes will not like these kinds of results when in serious need of unicorns

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"selling is advertisment"

Chapulin Colorado's picture

If I type Unicorn in a image bank this is not what I am looking for.

Chapulin Colorado
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- Más vale solo que mal que por bien no venga.
- Es de sabios lo comete cualquiera.
- Un error se comete al equivocarse.
- Cría cuervos y te diré quien eres.
- Dime con quién andas y te sacaran los ojos.
- Árbol que crece temprano amanece más torcido

puppiepoppy's picture

Truth in advertisement. When you search for Unicorn in PhotoLibrary, you get tons of craps....lots of them. Then at the 60th page, you'll probably find the unicorn.

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Interesting to note that this was actually rejected and never used by Photolibrary - that puts another spin to the idea of truth in advertisement...

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