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May 2021
PETA: Rescue
PETA: Rescue
PETA: Rescue
PETA Print Ad - Rescue
PETA Print Ad - Rescue
PETA Print Ad - Rescue


Every year, countless animals are injured or killed due to online animal shopping in China. Being aware of this problem, PETA would like to call on actions, hoping people could stop shopping for animals online to protect animals.
We chose 3 types of animals that was frequently bought online, and created a surreal rescue scene of unboxing. The moment the package is opened, it seems to be at the scene of a terrible disaster. After a long transit of tortures, the animal is full of blood and wounds, unconscious and desperate. The buyer has to become a rescue team, rushing to save the dying animal. As for the disaster settings, we used the same dramatic way by putting a real catastrophe setting inside different shipping box, and turning the buyer into a rescue team, which largely strengthened the tense atmosphere of rescue.

Print advertisement created by Heaven&Hell, China for PETA, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


A large number of animals are injured or died every year due to shipping, please stop online shopping for animals, and choose adoption, don't shop!

Advertising Agency: Heaven&Hell
Chief Creative Director: Danny Li
Creative Director: Sihan Jin
Art Director: Danny Li
Designer: Xinyun Ye
Account Creative: Ruiqi Huang
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