Elephant Art - Van Gogh

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July 2010
Perth Zoo:  Elephant Art - Van Gogh


The elephants at Perth Zoo are artists. Using paintbrushes, their trunks and even their feet, Tricia and Permai create paintings as part of an enrichment program designed to keep them stimulated, healthy and happy. Funds raised from their artworks go towards Perth Zoo¹s Wildlife Conservation Action to help protect threatened species worldwide. To help raise awareness of their artwork and increase sales, The Brand Agency Perth created this campaign.

Print advertisement created by The Brand Agency, Australia for Perth Zoo, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


Artwork by elephants.

Advertising Agency: The Brand Agency, Perth, Australia
Creative Director: Craig Buchanan
Art Director: Danielle Glenister
Copywriter: Mitch Mitchell
Retouching: Nicola Commons / Lightfarm Studios
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mikeelrapido's picture

This one looks sad....

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Reality Check's picture

You would be sad, too, if you cut off your own ear.

Reality Check
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Guest's picture

This is the best (Vincent van Gogh)

ek kanya's picture

loks liek a scam campaign. but nice.

ek kanya
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sirvan's picture

Love the ideas. Simple and clever. But the execution is not very good.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

JamaisVu's picture

Yeah they are clever. But I'm not sure if the average zoo-goer knows about Van Gogh's ear or Dali's funny mustache. I know Dali, but I never cared what he looked like.
It's animal-loving people who are going to buy these paintings not art historians.

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"customer is not a moron, she's your wife" :)

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AssassinX's picture

Specially love this one.
Very clear and funny.

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Guest's picture

i like :)

the_lizard_king's picture

By the way its not funny. But i agree its a very nice concept. Its simple and well related. But as a few have mentioned the execution is average.

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And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

ERROR404's picture

nice idea, but i dont think enough people get it.

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Guest's picture

i was thinking the same thing. it's much clearer to the audience here, because there's a title of each piece to go along with it.

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i was thinking the same thing. it's much clearer to the audience here, because there's a title of each piece to go along with it.

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