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Nice thought, but it's a little weak I find. That's just a personal opinion.

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I totally agree

I've met a lot of asylum seekers who have been locked up in their countries because of that. and i can tell you, this ad is nothing compared to the passion and horror and hurt these situations create.
stop trying to be 'clever' and be realistic with ads like these, please!!!

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great idea!!!!

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It's a bit average, feels like you had the visual idea and then tried to find a client that's suits the visual.

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Exactly what I thought too. This feels like it was crafted then client search.
(We all do it once in a while.)

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simple.clear.clever.not wow.

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the visual is a bit forced, stretching pens

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Please stop all those "tricks-with-objects" ads.

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500 journalists, not 498, not 504, just 500. There's something about statistic ads that doesn't seem right.

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Lol I completely agree! i've always wandered if you can check those statistics somewhere :)
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Done 100 times.

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Why not use one of those pens to write something clever/engaging/insightful instead of doing a cheap student pun?

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Stop jailing journalists. To whom is this directed and where are they advertising? In 'Dictator Weekly'?

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Good mag that DW, you don't subscribe?

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