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June 2012
OMO:  Archaeologist


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Singapore for OMO, within the category: House, Garden.


OMO dirt is good

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Singapore
Regional Executive Creative Director: Dominic Stallard
Chief Creative Officers: Dominic Stallard, Kirk Gainsford
Copywriter: Natalie Rose
Art Director: Karen Vermeulen
Production company: Shooting Gallery
Account Director: Ranjit Jathanna
Agency Producer: Jasmine Tan
Photographer: Sebastian Siah
Additional Advertising Agencys: Andrew Ho, JooHeng Tan, Michael Kan, Raymond Goh, Fuse Audio, Emoxis, Ashlynn Sum, Eranga Tennekoon, Irene Gan
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Highest Rated

SMB's picture

me like it

Activity Score 12
Copywriter at Tie communications Ltd,
kleenex's picture

Great work with the dirt....

Activity Score 57557
Web Designer/Developer
ChuckN's picture

Outstanding art direction.

Activity Score 137
SoCH_TO's picture

I love Art Direction !!! Awesome !!!

Activity Score 958
Art Director |

Live with Passion

gadgets's picture

Excellent! First time when I see dinosaurs in detergent ads...

Activity Score 1053
ivanm16's picture

Outstanding art direction. Don't know if that should be the copy.

Activity Score 394
Copywriter at TBWA Dominican Republic
shaun1800's picture

I don't get it, what's the concept here?

Activity Score 293
naghihimutuc's picture

I think this means if your detergent is that good you don't have to worry about playing in the dirt or something. Took me a while to get it though.

Activity Score 80
salil.sharma's picture

excellent campaign
get more attention by child
cool art direction & execution is excellent

Activity Score 2536
Creative Director at India |

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

Dominic Stallard's picture

Here's the production video:

Dominic Stallard
Activity Score 13
Creative Director
el-que's picture

on point. me love.

Activity Score 61
Creative Director at ONEWILDCARD |

wanna help a fellow? start with what's in your hand.

WhiteBeard's picture


Activity Score 26
SMB's picture

me like it

Activity Score 12
Copywriter at Tie communications Ltd,
denfilm's picture

I like art direction

Activity Score 401
Producer/Director at Ministry Film |

stickynotes's picture

this one works the best, because there's a direct link from the boy digging in the earth as a child and so exploring what his future job might be.

but without the explanation video and the 'jobs' in the titles it's hard to understand and misleading..
with OMD your kids become great dirt-artists? the sand-art and photography are brilliant.

Activity Score 1048
kgb0x's picture

A great picture but a bad ad ! On the street or in a newspaper, with 2 seconds to understand it, this ad does not transmit any message except a beautiful image !

Activity Score 3
Javier Davis's picture

Good campaign. Seven stars.

Javier Davis
Activity Score 84
mountanias's picture

DONE! The concept was done by Argentinian Agency "Santo" many years ago also for a detergent. They didnt do prints, only commercials. The concept is still being used by the detergent since then.
Here is the link, but is in spanish.

Activity Score 24
Art Director at Young & Rubicam
raulbanderas's picture

i like it, very good

Activity Score 353
Dominic Stallard's picture

OMO is Breeze/Persil/Ala/Surf/Rinso depending on the market.

The global campaign is Dirt is good.

Dominic Stallard
Activity Score 13
Creative Director
Fernando Fernandes's picture

Se sujar sempre faz bem! Muito bom o desenvolvimento da idéia!

Fernando Fernandes
Activity Score 1410
Creative Director at Criative Director \TBWA Bolívia
seizedlight's picture

Love the concept and art direction

Activity Score 10
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