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April 2010
New Zealand Fire Service:  Girl


Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Wellington, New Zealand

Print advertisement created by M&C Saatchi, New Zealand for New Zealand Fire Service, within the category: Professional Services.


Without a working smoke alarm consider her dead.

Executive Creative Director: Dave King
Art Director: James Bowman
Copywriters: Dave King, Steve McCabe, Nicci Doak
Photographer: Stephen Langdon
Retoucher: Denny Monk
Account Services: Christina Mossaidis, Nick Baylis
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R U serious's picture

consider her dead? please...

Idea is good copy is rude.

R U serious
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Say my name, say my name...

atb2005's picture

May seem a little exaggerated, but still. It's not uncommon to die in a fire. I like it; it's bold. Find nothing rude here.

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Shadow Ops's picture

This is not good

Shadow Ops
Activity Score 148
Copywriter |

Let's keep advertising fun

Molecule's picture

the copy is terrible. The idea is first level

Activity Score 435
shitmonk's picture

scary stuff, im not scared of fire, but the writer

Activity Score 465
Hiperion's picture

not works for me

Activity Score 3138
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
pez's picture

3 copywriters for this?... sorry, is not good at all...

Activity Score 1804
Creative Director
alejulimaty's picture

bad copys usually take a lot of copywriters

Activity Score 842
brother buenos aires
J Designer's picture

I think the copy must be a culture thing - cause I don't find this rude at all.

(I'm from NZ)

J Designer
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Graphic Designer at Click Clack
vote4pedro's picture

You would think that at least one of the three writers would know there should be a comma after alarm.

Activity Score 4601
Tommy G.'s picture

The smoke is not well done.

Tommy G.
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Graphic Designer at Job seeking
Critic's picture


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Copywriter at Slow shutters
raavigeorgian's picture

its a rampant practice in advertising to sell the product by intimidating the consumer rather than alarming them engagingly..... god help the consumer.

Activity Score 2444
Art Director at New Delhi
jessehow's picture

smoke looks scary and unrealistic.
bad bad bad copy.

and her smoke alarm doesn't seem to be working either. she's still sleeping. zzz.

Activity Score 37
CurryJ's picture

Nice copy...not rude at all. Perfectly appropriate for the message.

Activity Score 949
Copywriter |

I think; therefore I am

Adaddicted's picture

me likey.

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Art Director |


imagineit's picture

I think this is freaky and yea it does not take 3 writers to write line like this. Please!

Activity Score 550
perromalo's picture

who is paying for the ad? No logo, no nothing.

Activity Score 433
Creative Director at Mateo&co
J Designer's picture

This was made by the New Zealand Fire Service.
They are mentioned in the title. But yes a logo is needed.

J Designer
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Graphic Designer at Click Clack
rawaa's picture

art direction and copy could have been better

Activity Score 35
Copywriter at TBWA/RAAD
Adrian Butler's picture

Tragically, this ad gives the WRONG message. The copy states:
"Without a WORKING SMOKE ALARM consider her DEAD" Note: DOES NOT mention the word 'Photoelectric'.

However in another New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) ad the copy states:
"When you're asleep you'll never notice the deadly poisonous smoke that silently suffocates you. Unless you have a working PHOTOELECTRIC smoke alarm."
See this ad by Googling 'new_zealand_fire_service_feet' Note: DOES mention the word 'Photoelectric'.

So why mention 'Photoelectric' smoke alarms in one ad (which is the New Zealand Fire Service's official position) and only 'Working' smoke alarms in this other ad?
The ionization type of smoke alarm in almost every New Zealand home (and hundreds of millions of homes around the world) have recently been declared to be "deadly".

The public must be given a clear, concise message - NOT Mixed Messages. When using the word 'Working' people think their existing ionisation alarms are OK. No - they are "Deadly".
The NZFS's Official Position on smoke alarms and CBS's 'Deadly Smoke Detectors' exposé are on The World Fire Safety Foundation's website.

We would very much appreciate any comments or feedback - thank you.
Adrian Butler, Chairman, former New Zealand fire Fighter, The World Fire Safety Foundation, Queensland, Australia (global not for profit that does not sell any products or services).

Adrian Butler
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