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January 2009
Mini:  Nothing to hide


Print advertisement created by Plantage, Germany for Mini, within the category: Automotive.


The New Mini Cabrio. Always Open.

Advertising Agency: Plantage, Berlin, Germany
Creative Directors: Jason Schragger, Karl Dunn, Sandra Schilling
Art Directors: Johannes Jost, Janine Jales
Copywriters: Martin Beswick, Benjamin Schwarz
Photographer: Simon Puschmann
Retoucher: Zerone
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ADebutant's picture

Boring headlines, mediocre photography. Come on guys/gals. This is MINI! These ads are really lazy and disappointing.

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federo's picture

not agree.
nice headliness (specially "over my frozen body"), good photography, nice link between photo & text.

but it´s only my respectful opinion

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Guest's picture

agree. this one is boring, some of the others are pretty cool.

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mini its a muuuch much cleaver brand than this!!!! and the photograph really suck!

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it took 6 (9 if you count the cd's with) creatives to come up with this?

and, even worse: each of them failed to realize this ad:
a) focusses on thé disadvantage of an 'always open' cab. Focussing on a disadvantage and exaggerating it might sometimes work, but in this case it doesn't. There's too much involvement in buying a car.
b) is the classic first idea every creative has when working on cabrios. And most of them don't even care to put in on paper. Let alone, bring out.

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mini cant b so dumb.. dissapointing

Emran Hayat
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are you kidding me? i don't get the negative comments. it's simple. it's to the point. it's fresh. it's mini. it's fucking great!

Enas's picture

it's dark :( Mini and coverlet means FUN

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