Thrilling Trips, 3

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September 2010
Mercedes:  Thrilling Trips, 3


Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Mercedes, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt Matt/Alster, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Armin Jochum
Creative Director: Christian Fritsche
Art Director: Tilman Gossner
Graphic Designer: Johannes Riffelmacher
Scriptwriter: Georg Baur, Torben Otten
Agency Producer: Marcus Loick
Account Supervisor: Sonja Stockmann
Account Manager: Nils Heimes, Sophie Lewens
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Anonymous Author's picture

Boom tish.

Anonymous Author
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Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

keithstoeckeler's picture

Pretty boring for Benz

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Uh-oh "947 kms have worn me out"? Despite driving around in a Mercedes? Tsk, tsk.

jackmancer2017's picture

Wasn't it Hegarty who said "I just don't think people read ads."? Well, I think that definitely applies to this one.

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i think he needs a blog to write it down.

Billoughsby's picture

Yeah. he's not someo-ne you disappoint.

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Art Director |

That's it.

atb2005's picture

I stopped reading after paragraph 3. Long copy - funny or not - is a BIG no no. It works only in rare cases.

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CUTIEPIE's picture

OMG the most boring ad ever!!!!!! Sorry guys no actual luring into reading, non what so ever!!! :(

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I was just scrolling through and got more than a little excited to see a long copy ad. I miss them: despite what some people think, there are plenty of folk out there who are happy to read long copy. I'm one of them.

But this one leaves me a little confused. I don't understand why it's in English, for a start, but I guess that doesn't really matter. The point is that it takes you on a reasonably long journey for an incredibly weak punchline. There's a little whiff of Bobby Ewing in here. If you carry someone off under false pretences, you'd better seriously entertain them on the way and finish in spectacular fashion. And - sorry - I don't feel paid off. I feel ripped off.

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