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i can't get past the awkward kerning of the headline...

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i agree!

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You two have a serious problem.

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Good visual. But it's too plain to say about "8 people die everyday on our streets"

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Bear in mind that we're looking at a translation that was done for this site, so some layers of meaning may have been lost in trying to preserve the look of the original.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Que buena foto. Que buen retoque.
La idea mmm...fácil, quizás demasiado.


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every day... not everyday

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Demasiado malo para comentar. idea de kinder.

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oh, but it is. anyway, all the more reason to watch out, so i'd say this works.

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there's something wrong with the photo editing here! the cars are not in proportion!

bad one.


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Indeed, life isn't a lottery.

In this ad, life appears to be an empty, bleak existence, void of color and meaning, dark and menacing with danger lurking around every corner. It's a world where your head and individuality means nothing except a number.

And your number, it appears, is up....

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if this was ever made (though i doubt it because i live in Bucharest) maybe it's a print campaign.

On Ambient I assure you it's never been implemented.

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La grafica es buena, pero la concepción de la idea es algo vaga, pues pues por qué se dice que la vida es una loteria??,quien la sortea?? la imagen debería responder a esa pregunta, pues sino es una argumento falaz.

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