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well, maybe is because english is not my first language, but this piece looks very hard to read.

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but the art is superb

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Looks like someone JUST stumbled upon an old copy of Ray Gun or one of Carson's skateboard or surf mags. Please do NOT tell us you consciously and purposefully went for that look (in the year 2007). And if you did, what is the relevance? Not only is the writing mediocre at best, it's downright hard to follow. And I AM your target audience. And I NEED to see the whole goddamn bike, too!

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Confusion. I can´t follow the text clearly.

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illustration is effective....

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Gah! Talk about lame-ass copy. Client could've written it.

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I'm not the target but the art direction invites me to read, makes me look at the logo to acknowledge the brand and its just simple without being too simple (tasteless)..
just nice!

i'll remember this ad when I'll need to buy a bike oneday..

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It is pretty to look at, damn hard to read


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I am pretty sure David Carson didn't invent type as graphic, that's a juvenile response in my opinion. He placed the images in a chopped up, syllabic pattern, as much as he did the type. It is hard to read, but I think it works as a piece that either invites you to "work a bit" to read it, or just take it in and get that it is a bike ad. I think it works for either audience. Not being a heavy bike rider, but having some familiarity with the magazines, this steps above and beyond other directions out there. The market is saturated with "glory-style photography" and/or the "let's put the pedal on a white surface so it's reflection shows".

I am pretty sure Merlin Bikes are on the $$$ end, so the buyer probably knows that, and doesn't need the bullet point list of how great it is. I could be wrong on that, but it's my first impression that if it doesn't need to tell you why it's good, then it probably has a good following.

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look good .............


not clear...................

Tabrez ali
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Submitted by Jet Propulsion Lab

The reference to Carson is ridiculous. Carson made things often illegible and there was no rhyme or reason to it. Carson knew little about design, he just knew how to decorate things and once he stopped doing that his career tanked.

This is a creative solution that takes more than 2 seconds to interpret. Heaven forbid someone actually stopping to read your ad and make sense of it. I mean advertising is supposed to be disposable right? And what the hell are you missing from the bike? The pedals and the wheel. Dear God, I bet it has square wheels and wooden pegs to hold it together since you can't see the full picture. I guess you are a pretty literal person. Your profession is listed as copywriter, why don't you stick to that.

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as an illustration very nice, yes it is hard to read but i still think its quite inviting.

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