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June 2008
Galaxy:  Celebritism


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Greece for Galaxy, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Athens, Greece
Creative Director: Yanna Polydouri
Copywriter: Rena Hrysoulaki
Group Account Director: Triantafilli Kaldiri
Account Manager: Michael Paredrakos
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Ad judge - UK's picture

Finally, something creative on this site!

Ad judge - UK
Kateter's picture

having a 'UK' in your nick doesn't hide you from being greek.

it's crap campaign.

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Ad judge - UK's picture

this is not Eurovision... honey (Btw - UK means: U suck Kateter)... so long!

Ad judge - UK
Kateter's picture

well, I usually give more polite comments but I hate it when someone votes for his/hers ad.

and as I said few times before:
posting your ad here and starting to scream how brilliant it is will not make ad any better. only hard work will.
and if you're lucky and intelligent enough some of the criticism posted from people here can help you make it better or at least avoid some mistakes next time.

sadly, this doesn't seem to be your case.

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rebelscum's picture


I haven't clawed my way up the food chain so some over-pompous douchebag with an inflated sense of self-worth can get the most attention just because he/she is the squeakiest wheel.

Back to the drawing board for me.

At least I can sleep soundly knowing that no matter how much crap is in my book, I never spent $25k on a photoshoot to celebritize the dog Paris Hilton keeps in her vagina.


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright

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I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

Guest commenter's picture

Dear Catheter or Kateter (love yr name)
peeing into a tube must be difficult for you-
Please get a creative life
With sympathy,
Stavros from Greece

Guest commenter
Fogerty Gomez's picture

I dont agree on the agresive manner of the other coments, but still, the idea is really bad.
The image is such a cliche, the concept is so so used. There is nothing new, fresh or inovative in this campaign. I belive this site is destinated to good fresh and inovative ads. This definetively does not meet this standards.


Fogerty Gomez
jsptrck404's picture

Wow Stavros, you and Ad Judge (who's most definitely NOT from Greece, says he) are pretty defensive about the mediocre work posted here. I take it this work comes from your agency, or is it your own work, or both? Sad. So someone doesn't like the work and you insult them? That's pathetic. But not quite as pathetic as the work.

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| think small |

lilly's picture

not a big idea. not a nice campaign. not in greece not in uk not in the rest of the world.

Guest commenter's picture

Celebritism ? Is it even a currently used word ?
Shitty render make the picture look amateur .

Guest commenter
luckyzebra's picture

of course it 's not currently used word...
that's the whole idea. duh!

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Guest commenter's picture

You'r quite an idiot aren't you ?

Guest commenter
jsptrck404's picture

first of all, that's not the whole idea, um, duh. the idea is clearly about the celebration of MODERN dogma, and how ridiculous it is, and that this station doesn't participate in celebrating said current dogma. the actual word (whether celebrity, celebritism, starlet, etc) is really of little importance. By which I mean the idea isn't dependent on the word 'celebritism' as you seem to so arrogantly think.

because if they're renouncing the idea of modern dogma, using a word currently not in use would be confusing, especially since every other cue your given in this ad is of a MODERN setting (modern car, modern cameras, little dog (ala paris hilton)), not some romanticized or retro-viewed past.

and, not to mention, you're also just flat out wrong. celebritism isn't a "not currently used word," it's not a word at all. which would back up what i said earlier about the importance of the word - they could have used or made up any word they wanted to.



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| think small |

C.C. 's picture

Was this intended as the visual and title for some marie-claire editorial? Still, it would have been quite mediocre as it does nothing but state the obvious, or should I say "speak to the converted" (thanks jamespatrick (?) 101, you warrior for misunderstood concepts, I finally realised that "the idea is clearly about the celebration of MODERN dogma"). Yeah, yeah, people are obsessed with celebrities, plastic ops, trash culture etc... alors?
Surely not an ad campaign?

Guest commenter's picture

i'm sorry, C.C., but was this entry intended to make sense? or maybe a point?

Guest commenter
kkk2's picture

Do you know what the word dogma means? It's something you can't "stop", anyway. Bad idea and bad manners judging from the self comments.

threadless's picture

Stop crapism and idiotism and arrogantism.

Guest commenter's picture

bad bad bad idea

Guest commenter
mpared's picture


Cause some of you simply do not get it

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Temple's picture

Not all Greek creatives find these lame ads outstanding. Not all Greek creatives call their friends in UK to comment "finally, something creative on this site", the audacity of this! And finally not all Greek creatives shout, insult and whine instead of getting positive feedback from some of the best commentators in the industry.

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Creative Director
december's picture

There's way too much anger in this thread already. I dont have a problem with the concept, and i think the only problem i have with dogma could be a cultural connotation assumed with usage.

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I used to think heavy thoughts, until they crushed my head.

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