June 2017
Colgate: Plax
Colgate Print Ad - Plax


Reference story:
Gandhi ji had a statue of three monkeys in three different postures. One was shutting his mouth with his hands, the other was shutting his ears similarly and the third one had put hands on his eyes. A visitor to his house became curious and questioned Gandhi ji about the various postures of the monkeys. Gandhi ji politely replied, ‘The one shutting his mouth tells us that we should not speak ill of any body. The one shutting his ears tells us that we should not hear the ill of any body. And the one shutting his eyes tells us that we should not see the ills of any body. If we do so, we will have all goodness and nothing but goodness.’

I am using one of the monkey from Gandhiji's story. Its just the creative interpretation of bad mouth odour.

Print advertisement created by Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, India for Colgate, within the category: Health.


Bad breath can be the biggest evil.

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Excellent visual and copy. Perfectly ideated and executed. Bravo.

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