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December 2011
Church End:  Sid


This Christmas, Church End Brewery has created Reinbeer ale. It’s a real ale with a festive twist, so our campaign features real ale drinkers with a festive twist – as we catch them in front of some impressive pairs of antlers.

Print advertisement created by Rees Bradley Hepburn, United Kingdom for Church End, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Rees Bradley Hepburn, Birmingham, UK
Creative Director: Stuart Jackson
Art Director: Paul Ray
Copywriter: Nick Carter
Photographer: Martin Brent
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馬善好's picture


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Creative Director at China
Phil Lestino's picture

Nice hair 馬善好 !

Phil Lestino
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Phil Lestino's picture

Concepts ok but the finished item looks bitty. The reinbeer logo shold be down the bottom so that the antlers are the main focus......and the shadows behind the antlers look photoshopped............characters are nice

Phil Lestino
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TheBert's picture

What exactly makes this beer festive? Cinnamon? Gingerbread? Since a reader would never see the strategy statement we've been provided, are they going to take away that these guys are real ale drinkers (whatever that means) with a festive twist? Or are they going to see the word Reinbeer, look at the antlers and giggle at the lame pun and go about their lives?

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goranflr's picture

Agree with TheBert. The ad doesn't say all by itself. Insufficient information for the viewer.

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stickynotes's picture

the red nose makes them only look like alcoholics. their facial expression and their poor looks absolutely don't help to overcome this problem.

those ads are laking any message whatsoever. no headline, no nothing. no explanation why this is a new beer and why it's so special.
if i was the client i'll kick some ass: the way this is presented no one is going to find out about the effort i did to create a new beer especially for christmas.

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Bill Me Now's picture

+1 on the alcoholics comment. That was my first thought too.

Bill Me Now
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Hadrons's picture

I don't believe in rainbeer

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morse's picture

Red noses. Funny! :)

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Wordfruit's picture

Agree with some of those comments.

Plus, although it might seem really basic, including a pint of ale in the shot might help enable people to see what the ad is.

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dean viii's picture

Not much here. A pint will help this? lmao. sigh.

dean viii
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Creative Director
hoozn's picture

I like the wallpaper. And the guy's facial expression.

Still, a red nosed reindeer may be festive, but this guy just looks like an alcoholic. Id say thats not exactly a good starting point for a beer ad.

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Vienna |

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

sintra's picture

looks pissed.

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