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September 2008
Calgary International Film Festival:  Barber


Print advertisement created by Wax, Canada for Calgary International Film Festival, within the category: Professional Services.


Unexpect the expected.

Advertising Agency: Wax, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Hospodarec
Art Director: Joel Arbez
Copywriters: Saro Ghazarian, Sebastian Wilcox
Photographer: Jean Perron
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digifool's picture

WTF Who's hair is he cutting? Andre the Giant's?

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Art Director
Grrrr's picture

For sure not Van Gogh's! Ha, ha, ha! And is this FILM festival or PHOTOGRAPHY festival. I mean the numbers on film suggesting a regular film for still shot camera...

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virtualplaydoh's picture

These get worse as you go on. Wish Unexpect the expected paid off better after I had to look through so much "footage."

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whitespace's picture

sweeney, is that you?

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Creative Director
capywriter's picture

I think only the one with the birthday cake and the false teeth matches 'Unexpect the expected'. The expected part is expected because it's a cliché that old people blowing out candles loose their teeth. You just wouldn't expect it because it's a young boy. I don't really find that same reasoning in the other executions...

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Copywriter at Freelance
Copy_Can's picture

So, for example, you usually expect a midget frenchman to come out of a mouse hole?

virtualplaydoh's picture

Hey if that's your argument you can say this idea is lets just think of bad scenarios and do something stupid in the last frame...oh wait, that is what these do. Listen with that tag, which isn't a bad strategy, you got to really do something great. Maybe if it was real movies where something unexpected happens at the end. Like the alien coming out of the middle of the guy in bed instead of the horse scene. These are stoned-like executions.

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Copy_Can's picture

But why use cliched, expected film genres when the Film Festival has all these weird and atypical types of films? Your suggestion doesn't make sense, and in fact, in a way is "expecting the expected".

Of course, I, and based off of the comments, a lot of people, don't agree with you.

But that doesn't make you wrong, it just makes you a deviant.

virtualplaydoh's picture

Granted if that's not the type of festival it is than that one doesn't apply. Just trying to push this. It's obvious you know what the Calgary film festival is. I did not. But now expecting the unexpected now seems a like the an even more typical strategy than before. With executions that are not that good. Squirrel running and gets blown up? You're telling me that's good for expecting the unexpected. If so I have nothing more to say. I'm sure there are a billion and a half stupid references (man looking for a spot, parks up elephant's ass. Expect the unexpected) they are rolling out with, each better in your mind than the next.

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Copy_Can's picture

The thing is, I think anyone who somewhat has a grasp on culture, much less a life outside their house, knows that a film festival - ANY film festival - is one where they can see different types of film, whether unconventional, obscure, explicit, or whatever.

You didn't know that? Then get out and experience life.

Being Sunday and all, I finally had some spare time to check your profile and see some of your replies to other posts. Wow, do you sound like a disgruntled hermit living in a basement. All you do is vent about how much you hate an idea, over and over and over again.

Let's get one thing straight: I'm cool with people having their own opinion. I really am. But in this case, the fact that you repeatedly confuse the tagline "Unexpect the Expected" with "Expect the Unexpected", which I guess can be difficult to comprehend as it is a whopper being 3 words and all, makes me believe you:

1. Didn't read the ad right (if you even read it at all), and thus
2. Didn't get the idea, to finally
3. Form an opinion that it sucks

And because of this, I think your opinions are worthless, even though you're unfortunately entitled to one.

Do not reply back as it just reinforces how stubborn you are, along with your piss poor grammar and sentence structure.

dlusion's picture

Amen. The first sentence takes the cake. But I do agree with your secondary argument with how negative people are on this site. Some great ads take a minor risk, and then get punished for it here. I think snobbery and jealousy are two major themes on this site. Gotta love it when they can't correctly re-type the headline they criticize.

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Art Director at Humber College - BA in Creative Advertising, 4th Year. |


aadi's picture

c'mon guys...wats the argument all about?
It's great work.... face it!

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G.J.'s picture

digifool - u one funny #@$%er! Andre the Giant.

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And the rest won't give a #@%#.

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Copywriter |

No matter wat you do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And the rest won't give a fcuk.

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