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July 2012
Calanda:  Home Cinema


Print advertisement created by Publicis, Switzerland for Calanda, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.


Home Cinema
How we see it.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Switzerland
Creative Director: Roger Ruegger
Art Director: Conny Jaeger
Copywriter: Christian Schirmer
Photographer: Nick Meek
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But, not by an in-house agency ergo not by you.

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Done so many times.

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But, not by an in-house agency ergo not by you.

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Copywriter at Area 51
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You really are obsessed with me. Not that I don't enjoy your little love letters and all. Are you really this upset that you got called out for your scam ads? If you don't want people to know you have to do scam ads to try to win awards, you probably shouldn't post them on a public forum.

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Just for reference for everyone, this goofball is upset that I exposed him and his agency for doing scam ads. Here's a link to the ads they posted on here.


They can't do decent work for their paying clients, so they go out and find cream puff fake clients like jiu jitsu schools. It doesn't appear their ads ever even ran. They did really horrible TV spots in the same campaign. The client posted something completely different on their website. If they won't approve this rubbish for their website, I don't see them paying to run it anywhere else.

Also, their CD was a little upset that I exposed his agency. He wrote me a lovely little letter. Great reading, really.

Hey (Insert name),

Hope you are doing well.

My name is Daniel Andreani and I have been the Creative Director at MWC for
the last year or so. As you may or may not know Bart Cleveland left the
agency and I have replaced him. I have worked mostly in Canada. BBDO, Sid Lee
and TAXI. For about 20 years now. Hell, time flies.

I was talking to Will this morning and the subject of adsoftheworld.com came
up. He sort of explained what happened yesterday. I didn't really care or
understand. No time. Plus I told him not to waste his time with that stuff.
But then I went online just for fun. And saw. I was like "Holy smoke those
are serious accusations !!"

Now the reason I am writing to you is not because you don't like the ads that
Will has put on. Although I think some of you guys are really harsh and rude.
I am all about great work and exposing shitty work if need be but your
comments (not just yours) are so immature that you can't take them seriously.
I have to assume that very few Creative Directors hang out there. I could be
wrong. And honestly I don't really care. I have won all the awards in the
world and what agency folks think of my work doesn't really matter to me
anymore simply because I have been there and done that. Too old. I do care
about what my clients and their consumers think about my ads. And I do like
it when I see my creatives go on stage because they have done a good job. If
you inquired about me I think you would find that I am a pretty cool CD. But
I digress.

I am writing to you because you are making very serious accusations that
effect the reputation of my agency and of the people I work with. All of
which I know are just assumptions (lies) you made based on false information
you got. I supervise everything and make sure things are legit. Never
cheated. Never will. Yes under my watch we have reached out and helped local
clients based on the interest we had in their business and I have made
awesome partnerships with some of them. We actually have turned a few into
very serious clients that have become very successful. Working in New Mexico
is fun but tough. Small market. Hey I was just thinking, maybe you are in New
Mexico !! Who knows we might run in to each other one day. Or maybe not.

What is of your business is that what you are doing is called cyberlibel.
This is very serious and I am sure you understand the litigious nature of
these very serious accusations you are making about us on how we work. Now I
don't know who this writer friend is that you are talking about. But he never
worked for me. Therefore he doesn't know me. Or the agency I run. Online
defamation of character is serious stuff. Now I would hate to have someone
look into this. And I am sure your boss would hate getting a call claiming
that an employee working for his company, on company hours, has been talking
trash about how another agency works. Or maybe you are just a freelancer. If
you are, then what you are doing is definitely not good for business, trust

Now I am sure that you are smart. And that you will do the mature thing and
keep your comments to what you know about the work. That is the advice I
would give you as an old creative guy.

The other thing I would ask you is that you take off the comments you have
put on. Not the ones where you compare the ad to Altoids. Damn, I wish I
would have remembered that one. I have seen so much stuff through the years
that sometimes it is hard to remember all of it. So I think that's a fair
comment. But the one where you imply that this work is fraud. You will have
to take my word for it. I don't have to prove to you anything. Especially if
you hide behind a nickname.

Now imagine an old guys voice. Raspy yet reassuring. Sort of like the one in
the Dodge Ram ads from a few years ago if I remember correctly. You know the
guy who always plays a cowboy in movies. Can't remember his name. He has big
mustache. Anyway, I just want you to take this seriously. So imagine that
voice saying this : Please remove the online libel about us. If you don't,
trust me it will come back to haunt you. I know, I know, that sounds harsh.
But unfortunately it is true. Any Creative Director will tell you that there
is a common thread that unites us all. We are relentless. And sometimes
ruthless when we feel we have been treated unfairly. Now please, pretty
please with a cherry on top (for drama effect), do the right thing, remove
the slanderous comments. I certainly do not have time to waste on this. And I
am sure you don't either. Our client and anyone else involved deserve that
you correct the situation. Just so you know I have talked to Will and he will
behave as well. No hard feelings I hope.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

Kind regards,


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Pedro, how many of these little tiffs must you get into with how many people before you realize it only makes you look like a bitter hack. Which you are.

Rage on. We'll keep working. You keep talking.

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Are you this creepy in real life? Following me around the forum and sending me private messages because I exposed you for doing scam ads? You're a fraud. We get it. But dude, you're not right in the head. Get help. Seriously.

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