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December 2010
Brastemp:  Support for earrings


Print advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Brastemp, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Good ideas don’t born above 86° F.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School/ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director / Copywriter: Dimas Oliveira
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Billoughsby's picture

The visual style and concept here are amusing and fairly sharp. (The translation is a bit off, but that's another issue.)

Nice work.

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Art Director |

That's it.

TommyO's picture

I didn't get it.

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Copywriter |

That's me!

Billoughsby's picture

The way I read it, it's this: No decent ideas come to people when they're uncomfortable. (It's a plug for an AC brand.) The ad series takes this idea over-the-top in a comedic direction by showing what sucky inventors people from some warm parts of the world are. Not PC, but funny, I thought.

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Art Director |

That's it.

Shawali's picture

The way I read it: people from Asia are stupid.


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Art Director at freelance visual creative/Paris, France |

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

atb2005's picture


I would have to disagree with you on this one. The visual is terrible; from the choice of colors to the old hackneyed approach of juxtaposing two ideas (photos). That said, none of the Brastemp campaigns posted on this site has been particularly good, and I remember there was one (about some oven) that also happened to be controversial.

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Prof's picture

just plain bad. and NEVER post anything on here if the english fails ffs. you really need a couple more years in school...

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

Anti-Prof's picture

the same for you

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Wordnerd's picture

haha! you registered and made this image just to get back at prof?
now that's passion for your work :D

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Prof's picture

pure dedication. changes nothing in the lack of maturity though ;)

trolling is an art.

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

jimbalalestat's picture

@Billoughsby, what an execution of a good idea!? i wonder, how consumer gonna translate it, if this series reach them?

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Art Director at adcomm limited
tirthomitro's picture

pathetic series.
and grammar guys, GRAMMAR-
"good ideas don't born above 86 degree F"???!!!!??!!
shouldn't it be "Good ideas aren't born above 86degree F"?

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

picktokyo's picture

second this

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Copywriter at JWT
beewood's picture

So, why is this on here?!

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Art Director
picktokyo's picture

it's not strong. the flaw is, not every asian people comes up with bad ideas

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Copywriter at JWT
drkstr17's picture

interesting thought... but i hate it when people try to manipulate the word into something. you can't use born to mean burn. you just can't. nice try, though. also, good idea don't "burn" above 86? like, 1886 or 1986? obviously they mean 1886, but it's still confusing and not the translation is not consistent.

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Copywriter at Miami Ad School
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