Is Zika in your backyard?

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April 2017
Arizona Department of Health Services: Is Zika in your backyard?


Mosquito Man was created to be the living embodiment of the mosquito that carries the Zika Virus. In each execution, Mosquito Man is lurking in the shadows, unseen, much like the mosquito that may or may not carry the virus.

Print advertisement created by OH Partners, United States for Arizona Department of Health Services, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: OH Partners, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Moore
Senior Creative Director / Copywriter: Frank Ippolito
Senior Art Director: Adam Garcia
Art Director: Ivan Galaz
Photographer: Wayne Rainey
Assistant Photographers: Natasha Mishano, Christopher Boats OShana
Photo Retoucher: Natasha Mishano
Account Director: Debbie Longley
Account Executive: Stephanie Walaszek
Account Coordinator: Ellie Marino
Producer: Hannah Vandeventer
Prop Designer: Peter Van Vliet
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"Mosquito Man is lurking in the shadows, unseen, much like the mosquito that may or may not carry the virus." -- but I see it right there! With a body of a healthy man! Haha.

Is Zika in your backyard? I don't know, it's little, it's not a man with cotton shirt.

On serious note; the copy need to be adjusted OR the visual need to be adjusted to follow the copy. It sent mixed signal.e.g Scale the hunky mosquito man a lil bit- maybe not too little like the real mosquito size, but maybe just a size of a golfball, it's still visible enough to the viewer- and kinda make the viewer pay attention to look for one. ---- Or if you gotta keep the hunky mosquito in human size, maybe adjust the copy to "REAL LIFE ZIKA IS NOT EASILY SPOTTED LIKE THIS ONE. PAY ATTENTION."

a bystander examining the logic.

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