The light side, 2

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October 2016
Subaru: The light side, 2


Adaptive headlights are an active safety feature designed to make driving at night or in low-light conditions safer by increasing visibility around curves and over hills. When driving around a bend in the road, standard headlights continue to shine straight ahead, illuminating the side of the road and leaving the road ahead of you in the dark. Adaptive headlights, on the other hand, turn their beams according to your steering input so that the vehicle’s actual path is lit up.

Outdoor advertisement created by Aguayo, Colombia for Subaru, within the category: Automotive.


Never lose your way.

Advertising Agency: Aguayo, Colombia
General Creative Director: Juan Pablo Sánchez
Creative Director: Holmes Hernández Blandon
Art Director: Lucho Gonzales, David Gonzales, Juan Medellin, Juan Trejos, Tatiana Huertas
Copywriter: David Horta Novoa
Illustrator: Fredy Ardila
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