Child soldier

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October 2009
Save the Children:  Child soldier


Outdoor advertisement created by M&C Saatchi, Australia for Save the Children, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


We must make this a thing of the past.
Child soldier
Democratic Republic of the Congo c. 2009
Don't miss this unique exhibition.
Southern Cross Station. 3-12 July.

Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Steve Crawford
Art Director: Murray Bransgrove
Copywriters: Sandra Galiazzo, Doogie Chapman
Photography: Paul Torcello
Retouching: Ed Croll, Julia Cornelius
Account Service: Chantelle Warren, Bree Woodhouse
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nepstein's picture

Really? You put a black boy in a cage?
Good idea, but stay away from putting minorities in boxes...

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Parsons School of Design
jackmancer2017's picture

shut up

Roshan Quintus's picture

oh! come on don't misinterpret this meaningful work.

Roshan Quintus
Activity Score 667
Saatchi & Saatchi - Sri Lanka |

bite me

ivan's picture

It's not a cage. It's a display box. You put valuable things in it to protect it.

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
Guest's picture

I'm perfectly aware that it's supposed to be a display box.
How can you not see how easily someone could take offense to this? I don't, but launching a campaign like this is asking for trouble.

It's a good idea, very good idea, but there is going to be flak from the public.

nepstein's picture

I'm perfectly aware that it's supposed to be a display box.
How can you not see how easily someone could take offense to this? I don't, but launching a campaign like this is asking for trouble.
Not to mention I've seen animals at zoos in similar glass boxes.

It's a good idea, very good idea, but there is going to be flak from the public.

Activity Score 197
Parsons School of Design
Guest's picture

you missed the concept by at least 10 thousand kilometers...

Guest's picture


mark3r's picture

Would it make any difference if the kid was white? Maybe you are the one with the problem. The art portrays a reality in that part of the world and has nothing to do with race.

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Art Director at Scout
ace85le's picture

Since when has black been considered a minority in Congo?

If you call that a "cage", why would you still that it's a good idea?

Like someone said, you got the concept all wrong. This is a great piece of art with a cause.

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Anima's picture

...My god, dude

Missing the point much?

This is the CONGO. You know, in AFRICA?

The one place in the world where black people AREN'T a minority?

As for my opinion...

Good ideas for a campaign...

But this art director needs to be fired.

Seriously. Have these people not heard of lighting control? The kid looks like a cardboard cutout, there's no reflection, and the shadow's all wrong.

They could do a better job hiring some kid from off the street, dressing him up in camo and sticking him in a huge glass box model and take photos.

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zaina's picture

i don't agree with the minorities thing because the design is related to the real world facts and no one can change these facts. strong and great design

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Graphic Designer at designing agency
mrckais's picture

i think nepstein don't understood the message. i think the message is strong and well done

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Art Director |


Guest's picture

Just a -OK campaign... nothing to do with black on boxes. Those that think like that have a "psy" box problem.

silvi's picture

Please nepstein! People is not stupid! Message is clear for any kind of cultures.

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Guest's picture

nepstein don’t see him as a real boy (although we know he is) see him as a wax model in a museum exhibit.

Guest's picture

it's a display box at a museum. That is why the headline reads, "we must make this a thing of the past". It reffers to the box soldier.

The only reason it's being misinterpreted is bc the box is not at the correct location (museum).

Guest's picture

the concept is good. I think the photography needs to be pushed father. The child's eyes should show anguish, anger, and most of all loneliness.

Juan Cabral's picture

I like the idea. It deserved a better Photoshop.

Juan Cabral
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Copywriter |

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

supertav08's picture

reminds me to zee pequenho

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Guest's picture

Do you really think these people would put an actual person in a display case? It is a little thing many people like to call "Photoshop".

tillfu's picture

Good idea/campaign - of courde it will polarize, which is something that comes automatically with a good, creative campaign - you simply can not please everyone ! If you do you get lousy average - been done too often anyway - so, stick to it, it's a good idea that comes straight to te point - wel done !

Activity Score 74
Creative Director at Head of Film University of Applied Sciences Salzburg Austria
aliusmanwahyuhidayat's picture

Nice Work!!!

Activity Score 39
Photographer at Indonesian Institute of arts Yogyakarta
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