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July 2019
Manipal Hospitals: Walnut Brain
Manipal Hospitals Outdoor Ad - Walnut Brain


This was executed as a part of Manipal Hospitals, Vijayawada's OOH campaign, to give a boost and to highlight their top notch Brain Stroke Unit. As walnut looks like a brain from top perspective, we have used the same to communicate their service that's related to brain through this half cracked open walnut. To stress the fact that no brain is a too tough nut to crack for neurologists at Manipal Hospital's Brain Stroke Unit.

Outdoor advertisement created by Design Juice, India for Manipal Hospitals, within the category: Health.


No brain is a tough nut to crack for us.

Advertising Agency: DESIGN JUICE, Bengaluru, India
Creative Director: Sandeep, Siddarth Basavaraj
Art Director: Sunil Kumar
Copywriter: Siddarth Basavaraj
Typography: Sunil Kumar
Illustrator: Abhijith, Sunil Kumar
Additional Credits: Krishnakant
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