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June 2019
Jinzhou Driving School: Kill Death
Jinzhou Driving School: Kill Death
Jinzhou Driving School Outdoor Ad - Kill Death
Jinzhou Driving School Outdoor Ad - Kill Death


In China, each year, around 50% of the motor vehicle crashes that lead to fatality or serious injuries are caused by not wearing safety belt. It is very important to strengthen the awareness of “Stay Safe, Buckle Up” among drivers, passengers and the public. Through the powerful visual impact conveyed by our posters, we try to vividly interpret wearing safety belt to the most effective means of eradicating the threat of death, and body guarding our road safety. The posters have been placed in the training ground and teaching center of the driving schools, and also been used as elevator advertisement mounted inside the office building and residential areas near the driving schools. Around 90% of the driving school students and the public have clearly spelled out the importance the seat belt from our posters. As a result, their awareness of using the safety belt has been enhanced, and they also expressed their willingness of developing the driving habit of “Stay Safe, Buckle Up”.

Outdoor advertisement created by The WHOLE Advertising, China for Jinzhou Driving School, within the categories: Education, Professional Services.


Stay Safe, Buckle Up

Advertising Agency: The WHOLE Advertising
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