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June 2009
Fiat:  Panda
FIAT Outdoor Ad -  Panda

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Outdoor advertisement created by Marcel, France for FIAT, within the category: Automotive.


Engineered for a lower impact on the environment. The lowest CO2 emission car range in Europe.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officers: Frederic Temin, Anne De Maupeou
Copywriter: Eric Jannon
Advertiser's Supervisor: Olivier François, Arnaud Belloni, Maurizio Spagnulo
Account Supervisor: Frederic Témin
Art Buyer: Jean-Eric Le Coniac
Art Director: Dimitri Guerassimov
Digital Artwork: Le Moulin De Docs
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What does lower CO2 impact has to do with the passive safety of the car?

rkdigital's picture

good idea, but, actually, panda taking damage in car test. stressed, maybe broken
u want me to think this damage are less...a way better to make me think no damage at all....its advertising

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Art Director
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LeeHarvey's picture

Well done.

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Creative Director
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ehmm... Fiat Panda?

ivan's picture

Sorry, I fixed it. It's a 500 of course.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
MendezPhoto's picture

nice one!

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Photographer at London College of Fashion
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I'm sorry... can someone explain this campaign to me?

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Copywriter |

Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

NatalieM's picture

I get it, and it is well done. However, it's on the cusp of being off the mark for me. If a person cares about the environment and wildlife, they would not want to see an animal getting whiplash.


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Topolewski |


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really? reeeeeeally?

Pccs's picture

Hi Natalie, well although you have a valid point, seeing animal well taken care off in a beutifull landscape is only for wwf lovers, and greenpeace members. This add i believe was made for people who dont give a damn about animals and global warming and all of that, and they are looking to buy a regular car, at least until they saw this ad, (as crude as these people are and i count myself among them) ) but now the have a cool mesage that tells them that thay can buy this car and it protects the environment, and yo dont have to be greenpiece meber, just a regulra guy that was thinking about buying a car, but only now you understand the real beneffit of this one, and may even buy it, because as it looks its safe for you as well

My salutations, bye

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Graphic Designer
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Not working for me

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its a cute car wth nice low envo impact... but i feel sorry for the panda. i got the concept behind, but still animals on crash test dznt makes me feel good about it

Emran Hayat
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Art Director at IAL Saatchi & Saatchi |

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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Topolewski |


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Sorry but I don't like to see a panda used in a crash test too.

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What does lower CO2 impact has to do with the passive safety of the car?

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car test simulation, done exclusively with the use of computer modelling or photoshoppery. But in all, a good way of explaining 'impact' to the environment (with endangered species as effective symbolism.)

Perhaps to have a pot plant in a crash test vehicle could be far more effective. What do you guys think?

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Hahaa.. the panda seems to enjoy it.. Brilliant concept and art direction..

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Art Director
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