September 2021
World Health Organization: Catharsis Kit
World Health Organization Integrated Ad - Catharsis Kit


Mental health breakdowns have now become quite recurring in nature because of the stressful situations we are put in. Not everyone is getting the help they need at that very moment which is leading to serious conditions like anxiety and depression among the few of us. Containing just the right things, the catharsis kit aims to be there for people in their hour of need. Each and every item in the kit aims at providing an immediate relief from a stressful situation because of their nature to keep people distracted, like the bubble wrap. WHO may not be able to provide you the ultimate solution at that time but definitely aims to not let you feel stressed and without hope in your low period.

Integrated advertisement created by Miami Ad School, India for World Health Organization, within the categories: Health, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
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