Washing Excuses

Agency Network: 
September 2021


Some of the excuses have been printed on t-shirts sent to about 200 opinion leaders, including journalists and influencers. When the shirts are laundered, the excuses disappear to reveal the message “Household chores are everyone’s chores.” A small number of shirts were also sold on an online pop-up store, enabling people to send them as a “gift” to a partner or significant other.

Integrated advertisement created by FCB, Brazil for Whirlpool, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: FCB Brasil
CEO/ CCO: Ricardo John
Client Services: Elton Longhi, Thiago Iusim, Mayara Nunes, Samia Reiter, Letícia Hengles, Carolina Andrade
Planning: Renata Davila, Bruna Rodriguez, Marcella Huche, Isabela Katayama
Media: Fabio Freitas, Eliane Bernardino, Nicola Aguiar, Teresa Urbano, Tiago Santos, Robson Cruz
Creative: Anna Martha, Ana Becker, Marcelo Rizério, Kaue Sá, Lucas Buled, Marta Carvalho, Renata Reigota, Thea Rodrigues, Thiago Moralles, Juscelino Vieira, Liandra Monteiro
Production: Fernanda Geraldini, Carolina Ferreira, Amanda Fonseca, Camila Galdencio, Daniela Fonseca, João Albertini
B.I: Barbara Feitosa, Priscilla Olegario
Production Company: Landia & M&A
Director: Aline Lata
Managing Directors & Ep: Carolina Dantas, Sebastian Hall
Executive Producer: Valentina Baisch
Executive Producer Assistant: Larissa Delfini
Production Coordinator: Camilla Bastos
Production & Coordination Assistants: Natália Petrechen, Luciana Andrade, Mari Prado
Dop: Erico Toscano
Art Director: Rafa Blass
1st Ad: Tati Klein
Production Director: Andrea Beni
Location Production: Tati Setton
Art Production: Gisela Villalva
Art Assistant: Mari Godone
Post-Production Coordinator: Elton Bronzeli
Post-Production: Landia & M&A
Copywriter: Breithner Monteiro
Color Grading: Marla Colour Grading
Sound Production Company: Cabaret
Production: Bruno Peras
Maestro: Guilherme Azem
Mixing and Sound Editing: Luiz Ortega, Guilherme Azem
Client Services: Ingrid Lopes, Flavia Caparelli, Barbara Russiano
Coordination: Verusca Garcia, Chandra Lima, Carol Oliveira
Voiceover: Michele Bittencourt
Director: Flávio Santos / MField Crew
Product and Relationship Director: Gustavo Almeida
Artistic Director: Victor Godoy
Director of Operations and New Business: Gabriel Lima
Client Services: Viviane Costa
Influencer Marketing Specialist: Georgia Murta
Client approval: Andrea Salgueiro, Gustavo Ambar, Allyne Magnoli, Gabriel Silva, Wendel Teixeira, Stefany Saraiva
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